Jan 02 2013

Harrow Council Seeks Residents’ Views on Draft Budget for 2013/14

harrow_council_logo2Harrow Council is seeking residents’ view on it’s draft budget and are, they say, “…keen to hear your views and opinions on the proposals.”

You can read the highlights of what the budget is about here, and then enter your comments on the very last page.

Note that they say, “Until we know what our settlement from central Government will be it is very difficult for us to know exactly how big the final budget gap will be…” – although they were expecting to have that information back in December, we don’t know if they’ve got it yet (although we’re sure they have – it’s probably just sloppiness on their part).

The final budget will be announced on January 21, 2013, so you’ve only got 19 days to get your views into the council – and it’ll likely be much less than that, given someone’s got to collate them all, the Great Leader and his team have got to review them, and then make any changes, so it’s fairly unlikely anybody’s comment will have any impact whatsoever.

There’s still further £8 million to find from somewhere, so although this mock exercise in consultation and listening isn’t likely to make a jot of difference, it does give the impression that the Council listens to residents.

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  1. Praxis Reform

    A real business has the problem of making sure that it’s turnover meets its forecasts. Harrow council knows exactly how much money it has to play with, but still cocks things up and fails to control it’s outgoings. Do they publish any financial accounts at all?

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