Mar 27 2016

Harrow Council Shifts Meetings; Aims to Exclude Public?

harrow_council_brokenResidents are clearly a pain in the backside for Harrow Council. All they do is demand lights get fixed and potholes filled in. Of course, if the council actually did those things without needed to be prompted several times, the borough might be a happier place, and wouldn’t need do-gooders defacing pavements with ‘#happychalk’ type messages.

But, moving on… Yesterday, we queried whether Harrow had sunk to a new low in it’s disdain for residents. We thought they’d got as low as possible, but then they got out a spade and started digging. The latest scheme, possibly brought back from Cannes after Deputy Leader Cllr Keith Ferry swapped ideas with other London councils – there were ten other councils who thought austerity measures also didn’t apply to them – could certainly be a contender for the polished dog turd award.

To reduce the number of residents attending Cabinet on April 21, the council has moved the start time to 5.00pm. That’s one and a half hours earlier than March’s start time. Now either they’re predicting that it’ll run on all night (unlikely as there’s no debate or discussion any longer, given that the Conservative group didn’t get any members at the front table – and we’re sure Leader Cllr Perry promised this once) or there is something on the agenda they expect residents to get up in arms about. So that’s why they’ve moved it so that normal residents, who have real jobs, can’t get there in time.

Or, of course, it’s just another way to distance itself from residents.



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  1. Sonoo Malkani

    Another cynical move which is definitely not “user friendly”.The residents of Harrow pay Council taxes and have every right to be at these meetings.The earlier time automatically excludes a large number of working folk.Are they expected to take time off or annual leave?This is ludicrous!

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