Dec 29 2016

Harrow Council short-changing residents over icy road gritting

icy_road_signLabour run Harrow Council has been caught, yet again, short-changing residents over it’s “say one thing, do another” policy – this time on gritting icy roads.

The council publishes a map, showing routes through the borough it will grit when the weather seems to be getting a bit nippy. Residents in one of Harrow’s Roads were surprised (actually no, they weren’t…) to see that their road, quite clearly showing as a ‘standard gritting route’ on the map had been passed by, not for the first time in recent weeks.

Ever tried reporting this? After nearly an hour of being variously places on hold, passed from person to person, transferred to the “Gritting Manager” and eventually hung up on, the resident emailed iharrow.com, hoping that the many council employees, who read this site when they’re not watching animal porn on Twitter, might do something.

On a brighter note, we’re unable to report if the gritting teams have been seen driving through the South Harrow McDonald’s drive through and then collecting a free McBreakfast.



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