Apr 12 2013

Harrow Council Staff Still Ignoring Disabled Parking Spaces

parking_ticketWe’ve caught Harrow Council’s staff parking in disabled spaces before, and it looks like the message still hasn’t sunk in. Residents would be rightly aggrieved to see that the very organisation responsible for enforcing parking controls across the borough actually chooses to ignore such controls themselves.

This photo was taken at the borough’s very own Civic Centre at 15.48 on April 11, 2013, and shows a council vehicle clearly parked in a disabled spaces.

You can see from the picture that the disabled bay itself may not actually be enforceable to the letter of the law, having both disabled markings as well as double-yellow lines along the kerb as well. However, the spirit is clear: it is intended as a disabled space, and yet has a vehicle not exhibiting a blue badge parking in it.

On a previous occasion, we sought comment from the Leader of the Council himself, the Council’s Communications team, and the Council’s Parking Enforcement team. We received no response.



It’s really quite inexplicable: after all, there were several car parks the Civic Centre with ample space in just a few feet away.

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