May 17 2012

Harrow Council: Supporting People Affected by a Stroke

The council’s stroke support service is one of many services we provide in Harrow to help people live independently in the community, and reduce dependency on residential care.

Raman Gill is Harrow’s Community Stroke Co-ordinator. She works closely with people who have suffered a stroke to provide them with information, advice and support. This includes people in the community as well as patients from Northwick Park Hospital (NHP), which is one of eight hyper acute stroke units in London.

All Harrow clients are contacted once discharged from NPH, and are reviewed after 6 months and 12 months. The findings are then fed back to Adult Social Care, stroke consultants at NPH and clients’ GPs. Working in partnership with organisations including the Stroke Association, Raman has been actively involved in delivering Harrow’s Community Stroke Programme which provides education, support and prevention for people who have had a stroke, their relatives and carers.

To help clients on their road to recovery, the council recently commissioned a DVD production called “One Day at a Time – The journey to recovery from Stroke”. The film is centred on Harrow but can also be used nationally as a source of information.

To find out more about the stroke support service, contact Raman on 0208 416 8428 or email ramandeep.gill@harrow.gov.uk.

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