Jan 09 2013

Harrow Council Suspends Vaughan Planning Application due to IT Issues

harrow_council_logoAfter our recent articles about the ongoing IT failures at Harrow Council, we today got this email from Stephen Kelly, the chap in charge of planning. Reading between the lines, his frustration with the Council’s IT is evident, and the move to suspend at least one planning application as a result of it is clear:

Thank you for your e-mail. I have received a number of reports from our IT team and, like you, have had difficulty accessing particular documents from outside the office server environment. Given these on-going issues, I have this morning resolved to remove the application from the web site and have asked for a thorough breakdown from our It team of when I can expect the existing difficulties to be resolved. I will then re-start the consultation process from the beginning once I am confident that the web site provide reliable and stable data. I will also, in response to concerns being expressed by others, be arranging for the descriptions within the document schedule to be tidied up and refined to reflect only the current planning application document list. I will also be aiming to provide CD rom of the complete document list

Once again, I am sorry that you and others have experienced these difficulties, which appears to affect only this application. By taking these exceptional measures, I hope that we can address the underlying concern about the effectiveness of the consultation process.

At last! A Council that listens!

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  1. Harrow resident

    Is something dodgy happening in Councils planning web site that it is impossible to get to their web pages?

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