May 27 2013

Harrow Council – The Story So Far at a Glance

Huge thanks to Twitter user @hometownharrow for allowing us to use her easy-to-read crib sheet on the recent goings-on at Harrow Council.


@hometownharrow has promised to provide updates, and hopefully, she’ll let us use those as and when they’re released.


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  1. ricky123

    I agree with hometownharrow’s observation of Labour “not looking good”. Labour should now except that iLabour are running the Council with portfolio holders having a lot of experience. I still do not understand why Cllr Perry challenged Thaya for the leadership, obviously he thought he could do a better job. I personally didn’t think Cllr Perry did his portfolio job that well so I am not conviced he could run a council. Also the way the Labour party have behaved lately ie: Mayor making (disgraceful), Magabe tweets, mud slinging (not only by councilors but there wives to) I think there is more chance of going to the moon without a rocket than them being re elected.

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