May 30 2016

Harrow Council: “They couldn’t make more mess if they tried” says resident

harrow_council_broken_2A resident has sent in this picture, following the council’s botched efforts at making good the borough’s pavement after one of the new LED light columns were installed. True, the lights are much brighter at night, cause much less ‘scatter’ and are reportedly cheaper to run, but the amateur efforts from the council in making good the footway afterwards leave something to be desired.As she said, “They couldn’t make more mess of it if they tried.”

For some unfathomable reason, the council’s workers have chose to use black tarmac, whereas the rest of the footway is in a reddish colour. Yes, difficult to see under all that mud, but trust us: glancing 20 feet away would have showed a red footway. So why they used black is beyond belief. And, of course, since they haven’t sealed the joint between old and new with hot tar/bitumen, it’ll break up at the first sniff of a cold snap.

20160530_footway_bodgeThe amount of mud spread over the footway is probably the give away to the shabby work carried out: no doubt most of it will wash down the gutter, into the drains, and they’ll be blocked up next. But surely it’s not beyond the bounds of possibilities that the workers actually make an effort to clean up after them?

On a brighter note, this is much better than some other lamp columns in the area: some simply have damp earth piled against the base to hold them in place, and at least one we saw was left overnight and held in place with a worker’s shovel. If I didn’t believe this council was so utterly hopeless, so entirely incompetent, from top (yes, that’s you Mr Lockwood) to bottom, I’d bet good money that someone’s brother, cousin, uncle or mate had ‘won’ the contract for this batch of work over a game of golf and a crate of scotch.


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  1. Hectors House (@NegligentRail)

    Well at least they have light,on the 09/05/16 I reported the light on a crossing island had failed duly filled in the form on the website(after spending 20 minutes looking for it) & as it said normally 2 days for repair gave it a week & still it was not fixed.

    On the 23rd I emailed the department directly asking for an update to which as of today’s date no reply has been received,in the meantime people stumble etc whilst ineptitude runs riot in the guise of a world class council.

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