Sep 03 2013

Harrow Council – Time to shove ILG Overboard, says Cap’n Hall

susan_hall_150x150Cllr. Susan Hall, Conservative Group Leader, said: “We are writing to let your readers know that we have asked the Mayor of Harrow to call a Council meeting later this month, for the purpose of electing a new Leader of the Council.

When nine Labour councillors felt sufficiently betrayed by their party and formed the Independent Labour Group – with Leader Cllr. Thaya Idaikkadar sacking the Cabinet in the process – we felt duty bound to help provide some stability at a turbulent time for the Council.

Rocked by splits, disunity and internal arguments, and with their Leader under enormous pressure from some of his colleagues, it was clear that Labour themselves were in no position to provide any practical help. Indeed, it was by no means inconceivable that more Labour councillors would defect and join their former colleagues in Independent Labour. The bitter divisions and in-fighting continue within Labour, and they are proving to be as ineffective in opposition as they were at running the Council.

We had hoped that Independent Labour would heed our advice on protecting public realm services – street cleaning, management of parks and open spaces, refuse collection – and that investment would be made where Labour had cut. Unfortunately, the trend set by Labour has not halted, and people can see how filthy Harrow has become.

[pullquote align=”right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]It now lacks the crew to ensure smooth sailing…[/pullquote]Now with only eight Councillors, we are concerned that Independent Labour cannot function as an effective administration. With only six councillors on Cabinet, too much responsibility is held by too few people, and we believe this is having a negative effect on services. Harrow residents deserve better; with the Conservatives committed to investing in front-line services, reversing the cuts and cleaning up the mess left by Labour.

We have steadied the ship as we promised, but it now lacks the crew to ensure smooth sailing. Independent Labour were given enough time to prove themselves, and to invest in the services which matter most to residents, but have failed to do as such. It’s time for a new crew and a new captain.”

[The following etext was submitted by Harrow Labour Group and added 07.09.2013]

Cllr David Perry, leader of the Labour Group,has this quote in response to Susan Hall’s recent comments

The Labour Group are really concerned that whilst the Conservative-Independent Coalition running Harrow Council is in-fighting, the people of Harrow are not getting the attention on our services which is very much needed.

We find it incredible that one minute Susan Hall and the Tories are supporting a coalition with the Independent Group, the next minute they are getting huge pay rises paid for by the tax payers and then now we see that their political ambition for power was their motive all along.

The people of Harrow elected a Labour Administration and now it seems we could get a Tory run Council through the back door. The destabilising Coalition agreement clearly has not worked in Harrow and so it is left for the Labour Party to pick up the pieces and be the party on the side of residents.


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  1. Praxis Reform

    I think I can hear the theme to The Magic Roundabout playing somewhere in the distance

  2. j p hobbs

    The problem is Harrow doesn’t have any Captains on board only Pirates .

  3. Wafaa

    Don’t feel they have been given enough time to prove themselves.

  4. j p hobbs

    As there is nowhere to reply to the pothole thread I will reply here , I can see no reason that Harrow cant afford the repairs to the potholeswhen they have told me they collected 1700 fines from just ONE of their STEALTH CAMERAS last year the fines are from £60 to £110 pounds not advanced maths is it ? Those fines are supposed to go back into roads not installing seats outside the Civic centre so that Mick Andy and Co can improve their suntans , whilst eating their Caviar Sarnies .
    Sorry Willy .

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