Feb 12 2015

Harrow Council to Scrap School Crossing ‘Lollipop Lady’ Patrols

harrow_council_logoIn another cost-cutting move, Harrow Council has decided to scrap school crossing patrols, often known as ‘lollipop ladies’.

According to a letter from Dave Corby at Harrow Council, which has been seen by iharrow, the council has come up with a number of options which include billing schools around £5,000 per year for the service, which has historically been provided directly by the council, without requiring schools to fund it. Alternatives include schools employing the patrol directly, or encouraging parent/community volunteers to do the work of making sure children cross the road safely.

Since schools won’t be given funding to support these school crossing patrols, any additional cost will need to come from the already-pressured school budget.

Residents should be reminded that the recent appointment of the Chief Executive of the council could have instead funded 26 school crossing patrols.

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  1. Concerned Harrovian

    How dare the council put the lives of school children at risk. How would they feel if it were one of their children injured whilst crossing the road? Paul, you reminded us that the administration had given an undertaking that their councillors would do some voluntary work. May we know which councillors will be filling in for lollipop ladies/men?

    I agree the chief executive’s salary could have funded this.

  2. sonoo malkani

    Why does this shock you Paul? This is only the beginning of the end!They have much more up their sleeves.You will see closely-guarded secrets rolling out on a daily basis.Just be patient!

    It’s obvious how much they care for the SAFETY of our school children.They have the cheek to ask parents,community volunteers etc to pick up the tab for the work of the “lollypop” lady.Why don’t they have a list of Councillors who do this by rota —as a gesture of good-will??Schools can hardly expect to fund this unless they are being expected to fund raise in ADDITION to their core business —educating our children.

    Wait for tomorrow’s announcement and the day after and so on.And so it came to pass……….!!
    The rise and fall of Harrow Council.

  3. GrahamL

    Hasn’t everyone realised yet that running down the Borough is part of Labour’s plan? We don’t get the same level of grant as Brent so the council instead of working with what they’ve got are just going to run down the area until it’s a dump like Brent and we can then say we deserve the same value of grant!

    Oh and of course use the situation for their own political gain in the General Election where the Labour sheeple and union nutters will just mark X against any old Labour goon put up!

  4. Concerned Harrovian

    The History of the Decline and fall of the Harrow Borough

    Apologies to Edward Gibbon (deceased) for paraphrasing this article on Wikipedia

    An explanation for the fall of Harrow Borough

    Harrow succumbed to the barbarian invasion of its elected councillors. They had become weak, outsourcing their duty to defend Harrow. The councillors became so ingrained with incompetency that they were able to mismanage the borough and this fostered a mood of despair amongst residents, thus sapping their desire to volunteer/sacrifice for a larger purpose. There were repeated examples of the administration councillors bungling with calamitous results, including numerous instances of imperial and incessant demands for increased payment from residents.

  5. Jake

    Again, cuts have consequences. Less money, less services.

    Can’t keep cutting the mythical back office for ever.

  6. Jake

    And aren’t a lot of schools academies now? So the council would have lost out on significant funding due to the way the process for allocating funding to academies works. Makes sense that the schools pay for this service themselves if they are so keen on autonomy.

  7. sonoo malkani

    You obviously don’t have kids Jake!Wait till it starts affecting your little uns!You seem to care more for material things than the lives of children and their safety —attending is not a social choice it is something we ALL need to do!

  8. Jake

    It’s all well and good being emotive about this, but with less money things have to be cut. No matter what you choose you’re going to annoy or disadvantage someone or some group. Shall we keep lollipop ladies but trim down adult social care? Maybe we can pull back on trading standards instead.

  9. Sarah

    “encouraging parent/community volunteers to do the work of making sure children cross the road safely”

    Strange. One of Harrow’s big community events almost didn’t go ahead a couple of years back because no arrangement for the safe crossing of crowds could be found. The organisers were informed by the Council and Police that neither the police nor anyone else (other than a lollipop lady) had the authority to stop traffic – if someone was to be hit by a car then the individual (even if a police man) would be legally responsible.

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