Dec 13 2015

Harrow Council to Stop Posting Council Tax Bills…

harrow_council_broken…and demand you jump through hoops to get ’em back.

Remember being asked if you wanted paperless billing for your Council Tax? No, me neither. Of course, that doesn’t stop the council switching us all, without being asked if for our preference, to paperless billing – so no bill landing on your doormat in April, but rather just another email hidden amongst all the spam the council is planning to send us.

To turn paper billing back on, you’ll need to log into your MyHarrow account (if you can remember the password) and hunt around for the appropriate option – something that the council pretends is a simple step, but if you’ve got multiple MyHarrow accounts (don’t ask…) only one will probably have the right option. Then you have to wait for the council to send you an ‘unlock code’ to make sure it’s really you, and then you can finally enter the code to switch things back to how they were before your loving interfering council mucked things up.

The council will say that this is for “added convenience” – it certainly wasn’t convenient to go and hunt around, as above, and for “flexibility” – although I’m not sure how shoving residents into something they’d not even asked for is “flexible.”

The announcement continues: “No more paper, no more post and no more waiting! We’re looking forward to the transition and hope you enjoy the simplified process.” It then signs off with the somewhat false-sounding “Have a great day!”


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  1. Mr T Mills

    LBH proposes, the Council Tax payers disposes. Send them a letter, remember to obtain a proof of posting receipt from the Post Office – proof of posting is proof of delivery.
    Presumably, if they are relying on e-communication, they are guaranteeing our equipment and will also pay our costs.
    How does this proposal fit with LBH’s legal obligations in this matter?

  2. a Harrow Champion

    There are 4 elderly folk in ‘my’ street who do not own a computer – and never will. So what are they supposed to do to find out how much to pay?

  3. Linda Robinson

    Yes, I went through this same palaver the other day and I too have more than one account under MyHarrow, which is not as unusual as you might think. It takes a long while to hit upon the right sequence of buttons to click. A lot of people less determined than we are will just give up when it’s so difficult to follow the inadequate instructions and then they have to check their emails for an unlock code before they can even continue. It’s clearly a ruse to save on printing and postage, and avoid another debacle like this year’s TNT farce (www.iharrow.com/council/harrow-council-tax-fiasco-council-blames-tnt-post/), but without actually openly admitting what they’re really up to. And once again, as you’d expect, it’s a very poorly conceived and executed idea that will not achieve the desired results.

    What’s so annoying is the way they present everything as a wonderful new opportunity especially designed to make your life easier, when actually it’s only about passing the onus and expense onto the bill payer. Don’t they realise that, in reality, many people won’t take any notice of the notification, won’t understand it, won’t follow the prodedures, won’t get their bills and/or won’t pay their council tax on time? They’ll be ringing, emailing, writing and calling in to ask where’s their bill and please can it be sent in the post. How much will it cost to cope with all that? In any case, I can’t believe that no council tax bills at all are going to be sent by post, which is what their email indicates. What would happen about all the council tax payers who don’t have a MyHarrow account or even an email address? There must be loads of them.

    It wouldn’t be so bad if this department wasn’t the very one that’s in the habit of generating multiple letters every time they’re notified of a change in circumstances. It has not been unusual to receive three or four separate envelopes from them on the same day, each with different inexplicable calculations and conclusions about one’s eligibility for support or discounts. How dare they try to compensate for years of wasteful, confusing behaviour by not even giving you a hard copy of your actual bill anymore?

    I value the service of the Royal Mail, and appreciate that if we don’t keep using it we will lose it altogether. I approve of my council tax being spent to make sure every address gets its bill efficiently delivered through its letterbox. I do not approve of it being spent on a rash, under-developed initiative using clunky outdated computer systems, dressed up as a state-of-the-art ‘solution’ to a problem we didn’t know we had.

  4. Susan Hall

    Yet more evidence that this Labour Council are not thinking about the most vulnerable. The elderly often don’t have access to a computer and the most poor often cant afford them. One could suggest that they go to the Library but of course the same Labour Council have closed three of these already. Its one fiasco after another and as for the consultations they are only done for show, they never listen to anyone except themselves. They only ever blame the government but in fact its the choices that they are making that are so bad, they really do not know what they are doing the bin fiasco proves that every time.

    1. red mirror

      here’s a money saving idea susan hall how about harrow council also stop sending out fraudulent council tax summonses and liability orders a mass of ink and paper work there costing money perhaps one could mention it to ones above reproach friend in the legal dept what do you say susan?

  5. Concerned Harrovian

    So we print out the bill. We use our computer, our ink and our paper. it will cost us to find out the details of the 2016 Council Tax. Will they be offering a discount to offset our costs! Somehow I do not think so.

  6. Rosie Bark

    The council tax bill is the proof of address I use most when having to buy the overpriced visitors parking permits.

  7. mike mcfadden

    Just doing things without the people’s consent is what Communism is all about. However, it seems most of Dave’s supporters don’t pay council tax we have to pay it for em. So why should they care if Harrow pay themselves far too much and deliver very little.

    I bet Harrow waste loads of money writing it in many different languages. “English” only Dave just advise all these foreign little old ladies that seem to attend council meeting demanding signs in many different languages that they are in “England” and its best they get new glasses.

    ha ha ha, Ave a very merry Christmas even “Dave” and some of the Cultural Marxist of Harrow!!!

  8. sonoo malkani

    Harrow Council cannot simply cut out options for people who do NOT wish to conduct business online with them.CHOICE must be provided especially for all sorts of vulnerable groups and those who are not comfortable with computers.This is subtle form of bullying us into giving into what suits the Local Authority.We’re all for cost effective running of Harrow Council but please do not imagine we will all toe the line when you are providing no option.There must be some legal requirement to provide a fair service for the wide variety of people we are meant to serve.

    I,for one, prefer to have proof in the form of a paper bill sent with our Council Taxes and an explanation.Don’t have the patience to go to a computer every time one needs to look this up!Let’s sort this out pronto and stop this from escalating.

  9. red mirror

    as i have been saying and saying and saying council tax is unlawful and fraudulent more and more people are waking up to this and that’s why they are going to stop sending bills because they are proof of fraud however if you willingly pay online you have submitted your rights remember council tax is a statute which basically means it has no life until you grant it so don’t PEOPLE KNOW YOUR RIGHTS DONT LET THESE CRIMINALS STEAL FROM YOU NONE OF THEIR PROCEDURES COMPLY WITH THE BILL OF EXCHANGE ACTS OK DUE DILIGENCE FRIENDS GOD BLESS.

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