Feb 07 2014

Harrow Council to Stop Residents’ Vans Accessing Free Waste Dump

wastedumpHistorically, or at least as far back as we can remember, Harrow Council has allowed residents in Harrow to dump their own waste at the Civic Amenity site in Forward Drive, although there has been a distinction between cars, van, traders and residents:

  • Resident with cars:
    As many visits as you like (within reason) to dump household waste, including building renovation waste.
  • Residents with van:
    Maximum of three ‘free’ tips per year. Additional visits would be charged as ‘trade waste’
  • Non-residents with cars or vans:
    Charged as trade waste.
  • Traders:
    Charged as trade waste:

The Council, despite monitoring the area with CCTV and issuing body-worn cameras to its staff just about a month ago, is now looking at banning all ‘free’ visits by vans, whether driven by residents, non-residents or traders alike. Such visits will now be charged as trade waste.

The cause of this change of policy is the increased amount of threats from traders refused a free tip. During 2013, 30 incidents of threats or violence towards staff were recorded. This number excludes swearing or hand-gestures.

Other West London Waste Authority (WLWA) sites tend to accept vans so long as ID and a utility bill are produced, in which case, they’re charged as trade waste. Harrow seems to be wanting to go one step further, charging all vans, regardless of whether they’re residents emptying out the attic, or traders dumping a torn-out bathroom.

The Council’s paper highlights this: “Residents who own vans but not a car will be adversely affected by this decision, ” it says. “However, there is no evidence that they fall into any protected group,” – it’s about equalities impact – “and the 2011 Census reported that 23.5% of Harrow’s household did not have access to a car or van.”

The plan seems to be to introduce an additional exit, so that drivers who enter the lower level, and refuse to pay, can be directed out again, avoiding the tipping area. Presumably, they’ll then find an alley or service road somewhere to unload their waste.

The proposal could come into affect on February 22, 2014, if approved by cabinet this week, and would be reviewed in June. Already, the proposal has been through statutory office clearance at the end of January.

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  1. Harrow Dude

    During 2013, 30 incidents of threats or violence towards staff were recorded. The body-cams were introduced about a month ago and the CA site now has a new bank of ANPR cameras linked to Harrow police station. So why are the not giving this enough time to see if this stops the very same Anti-Social Behavior it was put in place to do.
    What happened to the proposed ex-forces A-team I’m sure at £220 a tonne for trade waste they would be affordable.
    How much is it going to cost to deal with the increased fly-tipping or does Susie need to fill the hole in funds her vote winning 20 mins free parking is going create at any cost?…

  2. Jeremy Zeid - Chairman Harrow UKIP

    A fortune spent on ANPR spies on sticks, another fortune on clearing fly tipping and the consequential social problems, money wasted on policing and bureaucracy for what are completely avoidable problems on the back of Gordon Brown, the saviour of the Known Universe, idiotic “landfill tax” that is taken back from the grant given to the Council, money in a circle giving the illusion of economic activity and keeping the spooks and bureaucrats busy.

    Meanwhile the poor staff at the tip get the wholly avoidable flak from understandably hacked-off users.

    So here’s a suggestion: Cars and small vans FREE and for goodness sakes sort out some sort of mandatory bed collection at a nominal rate from registered rentals and stop the vast majority of incidents borne of frustration, at a stroke.

    This is not a problem of Cllr Hall’s making, but it needs some radical thinking and not the usual rulemongering official junk we get stuck with. Is there an officer who is actively working to reduce the load, the stress and cost to the residents who are forced to stump up for the Civic Centre Lubyanka??

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