Jan 09 2017

Harrow Council turns free car park into ‘pay and display’ car park

harrow_council_broken_2Not content with shafting residents over brown bins, council tax increases, and punitive bus-lane and banned right turn fines where ever it thinks it can get away with it, the bunch of misfits at Labour-run Harrow Council now have their eyes on charging to park in recreation ground car parks.

Whitchurch Playing Fields, which we suspect will be the first of many, will be the scene of the council hammering another nail in the borough’s coffin, when 20p per hour charges are introduced on parking between 8.00am and 6.30pm Monday to Fridays. Fancy taking the kids to the park in the summer? That’ll be 20p an hour. Visiting the nearby Whitchurch First School? 20p an hour. Work at the school and can’t get your car into the staff car park? 20p an hour.

With the council trying to close and build on car parks it does own, and now charging residents who want to access the remaining green spaces in the borough, this seems an underhand way of eliminating cars from the borough’s roads.

Harrow Council seems to have sneaked this out in the pre-Christmas lull, hoping it’ll get through unreported: yes, we missed it, but at least it’s out in the open now.

More details here.

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