Mar 20 2013

Harrow Council Vehicles – Still Parking in Disabled Spaces

parking_ticketHarrow Council, it seems, is still shoving two fingers up at the tax-paying residents that it purports to serve, by continuing to park in spaces reserved for disabled drivers.

We’ve touched on this before – but it is sad to see the Council continuing to abuse parking spaces in this way.

Our thanks to @GeorgiaHCRfm for forwarding this photo, which was taken on March 13, 2013 at 12.25. She says:

“The emergency services are not allowed to park illegally, or to speed, or jump red lights unless they have a blue light flashing and are on a genuine emergency. Is it right then that Council Vehicles should be exempt from parking restrictions imposed on the rest of us? The ‘policing’ of yellow lines and parking restrictions was handed over to councils a number of years ago to allow the police more time to fight crime and, whilst I fully support the council in stopping illegal or dangerous parking, particularly outside schools, I felt I had to start the #1Rule4Them hashtag [on twitter] because I don’t believe that council vehicles are exempt from the same restrictions as the rest of us. If we are subjected to parking restrictions then surely they should be too.”

She also points out that there wasn’t any blue-badge on display inside the vehicle.


There may, of course, be a perfectly valid reason for this vehicle parking there, but the council is unlikely to entertain a request from anyone asking what that might be… Interested residents might like to ask, via a Freedom of Information request to michael.lockwood@harrow.gov.uk how many council vehicles have been issued PCNs in the last three years. We’d suspect the answer might be close to zero.

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