Sep 30 2017

Harrow Council wants your views on where to power up cars

Harrow Council is planning to “power up” its streets with clean and efficient charging stations, thanks to a grant from the Mayor of London.

Whether you have already made the switch to an electric car or could be persuaded to by more convenient places to charge one, Harrow Council wants to hear from you.

Where would you like to see a charging point for electric vehicles? On your street, near your business or even off-road?

Cllr Graham Henson, Portfolio Holder for Environment, said: “Our plan is a breath of fresh air for Harrow as we bid to tackle noise and pollution. Now we need to find out where to put these charging points, so they will really be used and make a real difference.”

Harrow Council’s plan is responding to growing demand for electric vehicles – with more than 45,000 new ultra-low emission vehicles registered across the country in the past year.

Criteria for on-street locations for rapid and lower-speed charging points will include:

  • demand from residents or businesses
  • places where people with electric vehicles live and work
  • proximity to popular destinations (eg town centres)
  • parking demand
  • proximity to the strategic road network
  • strategic borough-wide coverage
  • technical site-specific requirements (such as distance from electricity supply)

Residents, businesses and visitors to Harrow are encouraged to complete the consultation survey online at www.harrow.gov.uk/electricvehicle before November 20th. A paper version of the survey can be requested by emailing travelplanning@harrow.gov.uk or by writing to Travel Planning Team, Harrow Council, Station Road, Harrow, HA1 2XY.

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  1. Sunny

    I wish Harrow Council would focus on fixing the current state of the roads including potholes throughout the borough rather than deliberating where to install electric charging points.

    1. red mirror

      better get used to it sunny it is agenda 21 in action please do yourself a favour and research agenda 21 all will become clear but in two words sustainable development.

  2. Someonewhocares

    Good points Sunny; Maybe the Mayor should also consider all the Environmental Effects of those holes etc *first*?

    Similarly, and I realise this might take some unfamiliar steps (and effort) for the Council, but perhaps they should ask those in the Borough who already own Electric Vehicles *first* too?

    No doubt the luminaries in the Council will -again- simply decide, and we will be ‘powerless’ to stop them? Sadly I can see it now, when all the *Council facilities* have Charging Points they will say “well we asked for inputs and only a few responded”

    Besides will they be charged to use these Charging Points ?

    If my response seems cynical it is based on what happened when they decided to install cycle lanes on pavements (with EU monies) and the rushed mess that ensued…..

    1. Someonewhocares

      For anyone interested, this is a good place to start (along with £20K+ to spend of course):


      – When they say the “Fuel is Free” they forgot to add “currently”…!!

      IF we will have “700K (such) vehicles by 2020” it won’t be free, obviously.

    2. red mirror

      they use the same technique at meetings someone it is known as the delphi technique councils now are well ahead of the curve when it comes to any opposition which in my experience is increasingly dwindling in number.the climate change argument is utter nonsense in my view i listened recently to a fascinating lecture by david bellamy the same bellamy who fell from grace with the bbc for telling the truth which isnt very popular these days.

  3. Wealdstone Warrior

    I do not oppose charging points for electric vehicles, as long as the consumer charging up their vehicle is charged for the electricity they use. What is the current scheme, do consumers plug in and pay by credit or debit card and are they charged by peak and off peak usage?

    1. Someonewhocares

      As above WW, Right now it’s ‘free’ at these public ‘fast’ charging points, but it won’t be in the future either……

    2. red mirror

      love it warrior the current use nice one unintended im sure but funny as xxxx

  4. Djfearros

    So I take the council have given up on us giving us clean streets and will now focus on anything above ground.

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