Aug 06 2014

Harrow Council Website – Now Not Working for iPad Users

harrow_council_logoIn December 2012, Harrow Council told us all it was starting work on the website to “… to make it more user friendly on mobile phones and tablets.” So it was with some surprise that today, we find it’s severely broken for some iPad users.

Visitors attempting to download some documents are greeted with a warning message if they happen to be using Chrome – which is currently the worlds most popular browser, having overtaken Internet Explorer in June this year – on their iPad:

It’s not like we were trying to do anything unusual… just clicking on a ‘Download now’ link. A brief exploration shows that this is repeatable, with a number of files the council offers for download.

Regular readers will recall the huge number of problems that the council has had with it’s IT over recent years – including it’s own backoffice SAP system – and yet, there appears to be nobody accountable for IT within the organisation, so it’s really not a surprise that things go wrong so often. The Council advises that responsibility lies with their outsourced IT partner, and refuses to divulge which director is supposed to be managing the service levels from that contract.


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