Nov 19 2012

Harrow Councillor David Gawn In Court – Pleads Guilty

Disgraced Harrow Labour Councillor, David Gawn, who represents Harrow on the Hill, appeared at Harrow Crown Court for the umpteenth time today to stand trial on charges of fraud.

At first, Gawn had denied the charge – which was originally an attempted theft charge – until, during a brief recess and, presumably, some sense being knocked into him by his legal team, he changed his plea to one of guilty.

The precise details of what happened are unclear, but the charge itself says that Cllr Gawn had “dishonestly and intentionally made a representation which was untrue or misleading” and there’s something in there as well about a £7,000 cheque in the name of the victim.

Gawn will be back in court in December for sentencing – in the meantime, he remains suspended from the Labour Group.

One wonders who will be next – with Cllr Brian Gate recently arrested over allegations of child porn, and now Cllr Gawn being put through the wringer on this, we’re sure that the newly-elected leader of the Council is wondering if he’ll be losing any more of his merry crew.



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  1. Cab4Now.com

    He did no worse than Lord Mandelson who is a complete fraud

    This affair raises the vital questions of equality before the law and democratic control. The general public have been treated as impotent fools. We have not a democracy but an elective oligarchy, which is as effective at maintaining control as any formal aristocracy.

    More at http://goo.gl/P7SQj

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