Dec 20 2012

Harrow Councillor David Gawn – Sentenced at last

david_gawnHarrow Councillor David Gawn (Labour, Harrow on the Hill) was back in court today to find out what kind of punishment he’d get for his two fraud/dishonesty offences (he pleaded guilty to two offences in both mid November (concerning a £7000 charge the he had  “dishonestly and intentionally made a representation which was untrue or misleading”) and early December (a £3000 fraud/attempted theft charge).

The answer?

Amazingly, all he got was two 10-week concurrent suspended (for a year) sentences, and a 6-week curfew. It’s not even a slap on the wrist. It’s our opinion that the courts failed to recognise the breach of trust shown by Gawn, given the position he occupies in the community.

Cllr. Susan Hall, Leader of the Council’s Conservative Group, was more forthcoming with the fire and brimstone: “Irrespective of the sentence passed, Cllr. Gawn should resign from the Council. We councillors are community leaders. Residents elect us to represent them and their interests. Cllr. Gawn has cynically betrayed the public’s trust through his criminal actions. Cllr. Gawn now has a moral obligation to resign.”

Warming to her theme, she continued: “Residents deserve better than a convicted criminal deciding the borough’s future. I am appalled that the Labour Group has remained silent since Cllr. Gawn’s admission of guilt. Now that he has been sentenced, I hope they will join me in calling for his immediate resignation.”

Until that happens, Cllr Gawn can continue getting his councillor’s allowance of £8,160 per year, paid for by residents.



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