Jun 13 2013

Harrow Councillors “Out of Touch” About Educating Children

harrow_council_logo2How to win friends and influence people.

Indeed, when a school Headteacher makes such as sweeping statement, you’d have to wonder what’s behind it.

Documents obtained by iharrow.com under the Freedom of Information Act show a confidential email  from Andy Griffin, Headteacher of Vaughan School – the school seeking planning approval for a huge expansion –  to his school’s Governing Body following a recent meeting:

“Councillors… …do seem to be out of touch especially when it comes to educating children.”

Part of this, it would seem, was a result of some suggestions made by councillors on how the school could adjust its building proposals to help minimise the impact on residents. One such idea, which Mr Griffin described as “very interesting!” was about relocating the school to the Harrow Teachers Centre temporarily, which Vaughan School was rebuilt.


You can download a copy of the one-page email, showing this comment, here.


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