Mar 26 2013

Harrow Council’s £200,000 Pothole-fund – more than two thirds of holes unfixed

pothole-150x150Harrow Council has today issued an update on its progress in fixing potholes, since discovering a spare £200,000 to repair them earlier this year.

It says, “…Harrow Council has repaired nearly a third of the 714 identified so far. Six teams are working across the borough to complete the rest of the 714 sites.”

Nearly a third repaired? So more than two thirds of reported potholes still untouched, yes?

The council made its announcement about additional funding in February , in response to concerns from residents and highways staff about the state of some of the borough’s roads. The holes are a result of the winter weather taking its toll, with snow and ice eroding surfaces.

The Council already spends around £500,000 a year fixing potholes. However, what it refuses to tell us is how many claims it has had from residents for damage to their cars, nor how many claims it has paid out on.

Source (in part): Harrow Council


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