Jun 07 2015

Harrow Council’s £50 Bung to “Share Experiences” for Residents

harrow_council_logoFancy earning fifty quid? You may have been one of the luck 20 households in West Harrow to have done a deal with the devil, and agreed to have Council officers follow you around for a day, all for the princely sum of £50, all in the name of “sharing experiences” of living in the borough. This comes only weeks after the Council was criticised for spending £12,000 on a launch event with customised heart-shaped stationery and an ‘ideas and feelings wall’.

Sure, £1000 isn’t a great deal in the wider scheme of things – it is, after all, what we pay the council’s new Chief Exec, Michael “Lucky” Lockwood for less than one and a half days’ work – but it’s probably equivalent to a couple of weeks’ pay for a street cleaner, something much more useful to the residents of Harrow who are becoming more and more used to litter being left on the streets for days and weeks on end.

The council has refused to comment further, however Cllr Susan Hall, Leader of the Conservative group had this to say:

“Labour’s insistence that this constitutes a good use of taxpayers’ money is simply astonishing, and shows how misguided their priorities are. In the grand scheme of things £1,000 isn’t a lot, but this is both money and officer time that could be better dedicated to the services residents expect and rely on. I suspect Cllr. Anderson’s proud boasts of ‘empowering citizens and ‘understanding motivations’ means little to residents forced to walk down dirty streets, through unkempt parks, to libraries they then find are closed.”


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  1. Concerned Harrovian

    What kind of experiences are we talking about? Perhaps visiting the four closed libraries in turn or enjoying the scenic walks past fly tips and dirty, rubbish strewn streets. A chance to recline on one of many mattresses or sofas dumped in the street.

    This is just the kind of experience Harrow wants to use to advertise the joys of living in Harrow. (not)

    It is called spending other peoples’ money.

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