Dec 29 2016

Harrow Council’s Bait ‘n’ Switch on Street Light Repairs

harrow_council_broken_2It’s not unusual to see a letter from a disgruntled resident in the local paper, bringing attention to Labour run Harrow Council’s reluctance to repair street lights. Said resident will probably have tried several times to get a faulty light repaired, before giving up trying to talk to the lacklustre authority responsible for actually carrying out the repair, and being forced to get some publicity about it. Invariably, the council then come pathetic excuse such as the link from the website to the tracking system not working, or that it had been repaired, but broke again within seven nanosconds of the repair crew leaving.

Indeed, unless you’ve witnessed the frustration of trying to get a faulty light repaired, you probably can’t imagine the lengths the council appear to go to in order to avoid fixing it.

Indeed, the council now seems to have given up actually promising to fix anything – where it once promised on its website to attend to repair (see above for a definition of what that means…) within three days, they now merely suggest that they’ll do this “…as quickly as practicable…” – which could mean weeks or months.



Now you see it…



Now you don’t.

Do residents ever recall being asked if this was acceptable? To leave streets or alleyways in complete and utter darkness for month after month? No, of course we weren’t.

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  1. Mr T Mills

    Wood End Avenue, South Harrow, HA2 8NU. New street lamps some two months ago, the one outside 47 never worked. Reported. Claimed “technical difficulties”. One local resident has eye problems, this puts him at serious risk. This light illuminates junction ofWood End Ave and Westwood Ave, hence road safety risk.

    1. iharrow.com

      I’ve reported this twice now as well. Ignored both times. The light remains broken. Lookwood is, in my view, well overdue for being fired for incompetence if he can’t even get the basics right.

  2. Concerned Harrovia

    Maybe Mr Lockwood could work on the bin lorries after he is fired. He could then report back to the Leader on where the fly-tips are!

  3. Ilikefilmme (@vespa2222)

    OK quiz question where is the most complained light post or lamp in Harrow located & yes it has it’s own folder

    1. Ilikefilmme (@vespa2222)

      The answer is the island crossing light opposite Headstone Lane Station it has it’s own folder of complaints & according to Kier staff is the most complained about in the borough,something else you may not be aware of is that a number of lights are being converted to day burners this means rather than just burn from dusk to dawn they stay lit 24 hours a day seven days a week.

      1. Ilikefilmme (@vespa2222)

        Ok so this light has just stopped working an hour ago so lets see how long it takes to fix the average is 4 weeks someone will put it on fix my street no doubt

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