Oct 17 2013

Harrow Council’s Civic Amenity Site: Reports of Threats of Violence

waste_dump2Harrow Council’s Civic Amenity Site operates a “free three tips in a van on a rolling year for residents of Harrow. With the cost to the Council of disposing of waste to landfill increasing, and despite being widely advertised, some elements of the public have attempted to ignore this, even resorting to threats of violence towards the amenity site staff that try and implement the scheme. Only recently a member of staff was confronted by a man who took his shirt off and wanted a fight.

As a result, the Anti-Social Behaviour Unit has worked with the site manager and staff to implement a system of staff safeguarding, to allow them to undertake their role without fear of reprisal.

Members of public who attempt to abuse the system now be issued with banning notices, staying in effect for 12 months. These can be issued directly by the site staff who have been empowered to do so or, where immediate confrontation is to be avoided, by the ASB Unit with Police assistance.

Should the banning notice be ignored then the Anti Social Behaviour Unit would seek to enforce by seeking a formal ASBO to be applied.

The Anti Social Behaviour Unit will continue to work with all internal and external partners to make sure Harrow is one of the safest London Boroughs to live, work and visit.

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  1. Concerned Harrovian

    It is good there is to be crack down on people who threaten violence against the Civic Amenity staff. I just wonder if the banning order would mean these obnoxious individuals would then resort to flytipping.

  2. Jeremy Zeid Chairman Harrow UKIP

    Quite right. The staff at the Site are superb and don’t deserve these threats. Sorry, but I lay the blame on both government and the useless EU who imposed the “green” taxes and obsession with micromanaging dustbins. Not only has this tinkering caused problems for staff, but you don’t have to look far at the increased fly tipping on the back of the Great Landfill Tax Con. Too much regulation and finger wagging with little consideration of consequences of action and to hell with the taxpayer and our finances.

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