Oct 31 2011

Harrow Council’s Consultation on Street Lighting

street_lightStreet lighting is an essential part of Harrow’s highways infrastructure, protecting the safety of road users and pedestrians while reducing the fear of crime.

Harrow has almost 20,000 lighting units such as signs, street lights, lit bollards, and beacons. They account for a quarter of the Council’s total electricity consumption and 12% of our carbon emissions. Powering these lights costs the Council £730,000 a year and as Harrow households will know, energy prices are rising sharply.

In order to protect the services residents rely on, the Council is looking at innovative ways to reduce its costs. Reductions in government funding, inflation and other pressures mean the Council has to find £62m of savings over four years.

The Council has also adopted a Climate Change Strategy. Keeping neighbourhoods green is one of the Council’s top priorities so this strategy includes a plan to reduce our carbon footprint through emission and energy reduction targets. Street lights are one of our biggest consumers of energy.

We therefore want to find a smarter way to light the borough’s residential streets, without compromising safety, to reduce our impact on the environment and ensure that as much taxpayers’ money as possible can be spent on key front-line services.

Street Lighting Options

We want your input to help us decide a new way of lighting our residential streets.

We have developed four different options that will help us reduce costs and energy consumption and we want to know what you think about them. Doing nothing is not an option.

Have your say on the street lighting survey by clicking here.

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