Jan 01 2013

Harrow Council’s Director of Place Shaping to get Golden Goodbye

harrow_council_logo2Harrow Council has announced that Andrew Trehern,  it’s Corporate Director of Place Shaping – a job title that has left more than a few residents bemused – will be leaving the council by the end of February 2013 under a ‘Redundancy / Early Retirement’ scheme. Details of the package size haven’t been announced, but given that Mr Trehern has been at the council for some 29 years, we’d suspect it’s likely to be ‘comfortable’.

The announcement was hidden away in a footnote to some meeting minutes that the council published following a meeting back in November, and which have only recently come to light. To quote:

RESOLVED: That the Corporate Director, Place Shaping’s employment be terminated on the grounds of redundancy and that he receive compensation in accordance with the Council’s Redundancy / Early Retirement Scheme and that his last working day be no later than 28 February 2013.

There’s no indication on how the new management structure is set up – but we’d welcome the Council’s comment, and provision of a diagram, in due course.

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