Nov 12 2014

Harrow Council’s Expenditure – Jan-Sep 2014

harrow_council_logoHarrow Council published their last quarter’s expenditure today, which allows us to bring our accounting of their spending up to nine months. It’s interesting reading.

Biggest winner of the taxpayers’ pound do far is the Pertemps Group of Companies, who have pocketed over £19million in the last nine months, putting them on track to rake in almost £26 million from the council this year. Or, in other words, enough to buy 157 Michael Lockwoods for the year. If we take the average UK salary of £26,500, that’s the equivalent of 969 staff. Now the council says it had 1893 staff (excluding schools) so are Pertemps really supplying half the staff at the council?  Of course, there was an increase towards the start of the year, when the Conservative administration ploughed money into getting the unkempt streets of Harrow cleaned, so presumably the high levels of spend in July and August are the 90-day late payments:

20141112_pertempsKier come second probably due to the building work, maintenance and general patching up of old schools. They’re taking home £17.7 million this year, or 108 Lockwoods:

20141112_kierThird place goes to Capita, who will be celebrating Christmas with a healthy £14.2 million, spread across the nine companies billing the council with demon-like efficiency. Their income is worth 87 Lockwoods:

20141112_capita The top ten contracts (without summing up, for example, all the Capita, Keir groups of companies) will take home £92 million this year, out of a projected £256 million, or, in other words, 564 Lockwoods – that’s 35% of the council’s expenditure taken by 0.3% of the council’s suppliers:


What is interesting is the council’s £20,000 bill so far for business travel. Now that’s an awful lot of taxis.

You can download the data here, and play with the pivot tables yourself for more insights. A ‘Lockwood’ is £163,000, in case you’ve missed our other articles.


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