Jan 23 2013

Harrow Council’s FOI Responses – too slow and getting worse

Harrow Council has provided, via another Freedom of Information request, details of how well it has performed in responding to Freedom of Information requests. FOI can be a complicated subject, so we won’t explain it in detail here, suffice to say that generally, authorities have 20 working days to respond to requests, although there are some exceptions. The full details can be read at the ICO’s website, here.

So, how well does Harrow perform? Not great, to be honest. And they’re getting worse. In 2011/12, they were late replying to 27% of requests – (207 out of 756 that they provided information for). For the following eight months, the only data they managed to come up with, the percentage of late requests rose to 29% (181 out of 450).

You can read the full numbers below, but we’d point out the for the purposes of this calculation, we’ve only counted requests which were responded to – we left out those rejected or which would have exceeded the cost threshold.



Source: What Do They Know

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