Jan 03 2013

Harrow Council’s IT Systems – now something else breaks

email-inbox-150x150Harrow Council, the organisation which is lurching from one IT problem to another, has discovered something else has broken in the last week. Just when we thought that almost everything that could go wrong had gone wrong, they found something else for us to report on. Although the problems – the many problems – have affected residents trying to use the Council’s website, its pleasing to see that now the Council is feeling the pain for it’s incompetence and it’s inability to keep their IT systems going.

In an email exchange with a resident over the Vaughan School planning proposals just after Christmas, Stephen Kelly – the Divisional Director of Planning – writes:

“…because of a problem with our IT systems, my officers cannot at the present time undertake the tasks necessary to display the documentation online.”

Next day, there’s still no improvement. Beverely Kuchar, a Planning Officer, follows up with:

“I regret that the problem with the IT system is still persisting.”

It’s not until almost a week later, once someone gets around to taking a look, that the problem gets fixed, and Ms Kuchar finally manages to publish the documents that a number of residents have been waiting patiently to look at.

We’d note that all is still not well with the Planning Portal – its performing badly, pages and documents are taking upwards of five minutes to open in some cases, and in some cases, just giving up with page after page of technical error messages of no use to man nor beast.



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