May 23 2016

Harrow Council’s Latest Smoke ‘n’ Mirrors Trick

harrow_council_brokenStruggling Harrow Council has taken to Twitter to announce how wonderful it is… by doing it’s bloody job.

The tweets – example below – say how they had “…an extra £1m to spend…” …simply as a result of “getting the very best from their contacts.” But it doesn’t stop there: the council’s Department of Creative Accounting has cooked up a Press Release with with the numerically-challenger Cllr Glen Hearnden parroting: “I am really looking forward to seeing how this extra £1million will…”

It’s not an extra £1,000,000 that they’ve found stashed under the carpet; it’s not even an extra £1,000,000 they’ve got through grant funding; it’s basic money management.

20160523_twitterImagine the scene: Chief Exec of the council, Michael Lockwood, abacus in hand, pops into his local newsagent to pick up a magazine with lots of pictures in[1] from the top shelf. He slides over to the counter, where the owner behind the counter tells him it’s going to cost £20. “No, no, no!” squawks the Chief Exec. “It’s only worth £4.99” – which is the price on the cover. Following what the council might call “getting the very best”, Lockwood hands over a fiver, and walks off, with his magazine stashed safely in his briefcase, to announce to all and sundry that he’d just saved himself £15.

Yes, it’s good news that the council has actually done what any sane resident does day in, day out. But trumpeting it from the rooftops (unless, of course, it’s time to self-apply for yet another trophy for Lockwood’s glass cabinet) is, frankly, nothing short of an admission that they haven’t bloody bothered to do this for the last few years.

[1] Practical Photography Magazine, of course. What on earth were you thinking?

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  1. Ilikefilmme (@vespa2222)

    LOLOLOL!!! Ask Network Rail for a wages breakdown of that Dept & the 2 jobs budgeted for but never filled,he has also got somewhere the wages breakdown for the legal dept

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