Jul 02 2011

Harrow Council’s “Lets Talk” Program is Back

Harrow is re-launching it’s “Let’s Talk” program for 2011 – the program where councillors and senior officers go out and listen to the views of residents around Harrow in a series of pop-up living rooms and – this time, presumably to fit in with summer – pop-up gardens. Here’s the entire message from Leader of the Council, Bill Stephenson. Remember, you can find out more at Harrow’s website here.

Harrow Council must save £62 million over the next four years as a result of Government cuts – that’s 30% of our entire budget.

It means we have some very tough decisions to make such as how to protect frontline services, how to make the most of our resources and which services to prioritise.
We can’t make these decisions without you, which is why Let’s Talk returns this summer to give you the opportunity to have a conversation about this with councillors and senior officers.

When we launched Let’s Talk last November, we asked you to help us set our vision and priorities for the next three years. Thanks to your feedback we’ve done that. This time we want your views on how we deliver and maintain some of our most popular services – parks, libraries, sports facilities and cultural facilities like our museum and arts centre.

We want to hear your views on these services; how often you use them; whatyou like or dislike about them; what you want us to do differently or stop doing altogether. You may want to get more involved in parks or libraries or sports or cultural activities, possibly as a volunteer.

Your views will help us understand how we ought to deliver these services in the future, based on your needs and your ideas.

So look out for our pop-up garden, complete with lawn, garden bench and table and chairs, which will be coming to a town centre near you soon.

Yours sincerely
Bill Stephenson

Leader of the Council

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