Aug 03 2011

Harrow Council’s ‘Lets Talk’ Survey

A short survey form from Harrow Council should have dropped through your letter box in the last week or two – there’s a picture here of the front cover.

The survey asks you abotu parks, libraries, art and sports facilities, and how much you use them, along with seeking your views about what would encourage you to use them more.

You can complete the survey, and drop it into any post box, stamp-free, for return to the Council, or you can complete a longer and more in-depth survey online at www.harrow.gov.uk/letstalk/survey.

Traditionally, these surveys get a low response from residents, so Harrow – not knowing what people want – go ahead and change something, and then the next thing, there’s uproar about it. It’s YOUR chance to tell Harrow Council what your views are.

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