Dec 18 2012

Harrow Council’s “missed bin” website still broken

harrow_council_logoLast Thursday, we highlighted a problem with Harrow Council’s – the Council who seems to be suffering from a more-or-less continuous stream of IT problems – missed-bin online reporting system. They’ve had almost a week to sort it out, and you’d have thought that given the Council’s ongoing plans to direct people to their website for Public Realm type queries, it would have been resolved by now.

Not so.

Residents trying to report a missed bin get the same old error message appear (below) that was appearing last Thursday.

The problem was even got a mention at Harrow Council’s Cabinet meeting when Cllr Graham Henson – the man in charge of ‘Performance, Customer Services and Corporate Services’ – was there at the very time your local, incompetent Council was trying to shovel through plans to dismantle phone- and face-to-face resident queries for Public Realm.


In the interim, we can only suggest that you mail graham.henson@harrow.gov.uk directly if you have a bin problem. But as the Council is still struggling with email problems, you could be in for a long wait.

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  1. Georgia Hcrfm on Facebook

    Who does their I T ? is it outsourced?

  2. Yes, it’s outsourced to Capita. We’ve posted a number of articles about the mess on here before. I’ve got Freedom of Information requests outstanding to try and find out more.

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