Oct 11 2015

Harrow Council’s new Exec Director – The “Bin Snoop” from Hackney

harrow_council_logoHarrow Council’s latest recruit to hold the key to the Executive Crapper is Tom McCourt, Corporate Director for Community.

It was under McCourt’s watch that Hackney council – amongst other, it must be said – conducted ” waste audits on residents bins which included checking types of foods thrown out and reading mail thrown out with the rubbish.” Could this be the Council’s new strategy? Employing an expert to rifle through bins to make sure Marge hasn’t been putting her gin bottles in the wrong bin?

Hoxton Tom, as he’s otherwise known, was also a DJ at skinhead/mod bars and clubs in North and East London, such as the Blue Coat Boy at The Angel, Islington. He was known for his encyclopaedic knowledge of 1960s soul music, reggae and ska. No, we don’t know what ‘ska’ is either. “Despite his dapper, dandyish appearance,” says Wikipedia, “McCourt had a reputation as a hard character. He took an uncompromising view against both the far left and far right, and was known as a social liberal.”

Michael Lockwood, on his first post-reshuffle appointment, said, “We are in the middle of a really positive transformation in Harrow and the skills Tom brings will be a great addition to the senior management team to help improve the vital front line services”

Oops, nearly forgot. McCourt was also guitarist in a band named 4-Skins, who, according to Wikipedia “…many of their songs dealt with violent topics, but the band has claimed they were discussing the realities of inner city life, not promoting violence. Other 4-Skins song topics include police harassment, political corruption, war and unemployment.”

Here’s some example lyrics:

Come back of the skinhead, come back of the boot
People that we don’t beat up, We’re gonna fucking shoot
We are the new breed, we will have our say
We are the new breed, we are today

Now this can’t be same Tom McCourt, can it?

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  1. mike mcfadden

    As if we haven’t got enough rubbish thrown all over the borough. Loony-Lefties are just hopeless at anything except lying. We are told crime in Harrow is low. Try getting a quote from your insurance company. Beds in sheds are a major problem in the borough, what have they done about it? The Left have always buried their heads in the ground and pay themselves more.
    When I first moved to Harrow it was a low council tax (rates) area with high standard under the Conservatives. Now look, one of the highest taxed slum areas of London. Socialism is a wonderful thing if you’re spending other peoples money. Our quality of life in Harrow has almost entirely evaporated under Loony-Labour. Watch the mess grow if this lot stay in office. Always the same cry we need more money we need more laws we need more!!! “Subterfuge” is what its really called. Say one thing and do another. Ave a nice day!

  2. Susan Hall

    I have not had the pleasure of meeting this gentleman yet. Your readers may recall the interviews were held to completely fit in with David Perry and his ‘two day’ week and was scheduled for a time that none of our committee could make. This appointment was therefore completely decided by the Labour group. They are not interested in democracy at all. Everything has to be scheduled on a Tuesday or Thursday-Harrow deserves better.

    1. red mirror

      harrow does deserve better so here’s hoping you stay away from politics and supervise blue rinses instead its a lot easier and you wont have to keep dodging the real issues.

    2. red mirror

      democracy? susan 51 percent of a populace telling forty nine percent whats right and wrong doesn’t gel very well with freedom does it?but then i suppose that you know or should know that democracy was plato’s least preferred form of government coming even after tyranny is mob rule your belief susan?

  3. Concerned Harrovian


    “Come back of the skinhead, come back of the boot
    People that we don’t beat up, We’re gonna fucking shoot
    We are the new breed, we will have our say
    We are the new breed, we are today”

    Is this his policy for dealing with fly-tippers?

  4. Concerned Harrovian


    “It was under McCourt’s watch that Hackney council – amongst other, it must be said – conducted ” waste audits on residents bins which included checking types of foods thrown out and reading mail thrown out with the rubbish”

    Lets us begin with a waste audit on councillors and council employees. The results need to be published so folk in Harrow know whether the rules they apply to those consider council tax paying plebs also apply to councillors and council employees.

    We would also need an independent observer to audit the auditors (perhaps you might like the position Paul)!. After all Tom McCourt can hardly protest it is an invasion of privacy when he wants to peer in all the resident ‘s bins.

    Perhaps the first to volunteer could be Leader Dave so as to set an example. Also who knows what interesting correspondence we might find in some of the councillor/council employee bins.


  5. Someonewhocares

    ‘Corporate Director for Community’ *what* exactly ? – is there a word missed out ? Or should we just refer to him as the ‘Rubbish Czar’ instead ?

  6. Gary

    Dear all, it seems that all these readers and those that comment on here wish to make a judgement before meeting the person let’s remember the old adage “don’t judge a Book by its cover” or are the participants of this site a minority of small minded people. we could of course judge individuals such as previous councillors who fell foul of the law, or those councillors that desire to persecute others by wrongly reporting people for offences they have not committed. as the Unison representative for Harrow staff, I believe in the “Judge not lest ye be judged” however it was under the conservatives that we employed highly paid people who failed to deliver yet Susan desires to distance herself from past mistakes, sorry Susan but I must place myself in a neutral position, until such times that this Union is able to make a reasonable assessment. Harrow residents have also been the subject of a bin audit again under Susan’s watch, however in her favour the council wrote to the selection of residents informing them of the audit. I thought Harrow was a tolerant borough lets show this new appointment how tolerant we are in Harrow.


    1. Someonewhocares

      – And I do hope he is very well pai, as he needs to be to be to issue such wisdom as:


    2. mike mcfadden

      Oh dear me. What does a tolerant borough mean in his context? It means oh stuff-you we are going to do what we like and carry on regardless. The tax-payers have been extremely patient with lazy or grossly incompetent staff at Harrow council who seem to do nothing except moan about their lot and do nothing for those that pay.

      As nobody ever told them action speaks loader then words!!! Some examples: Beds in sheds, Benefit cheats mainly housing, that has caused gross distortion in market conditions. Failed or illegal immigrants. Gross over crowding in illegal HMO’s far too many HMO’s in family areas. In my area alone we’ve had drug dealers from Spain, Terrorist from Somalia, Brothel keepers from Romania, Rubbish dumpers from Kuwait. Did they all really come here to do the jobs no English person wanted to do? If we raise our voices in objection we are called racist by stupid Cultural Marxists that just hate.

      Nobody is judging a book by its cover, we don’t want history repeating itself. Harrow tax-payers deserve better. You cleaver Dick’s that try and ram Political Correctness down peoples throats as a means of stifling free speech must face reality one day and its getting closer!

      Its a shame the pretentious know all on this stream doesn’t have the courage of his conviction and identify himself!!! Sadly at this moment in time it does seem most of England if full of folk without a backbone but that will change as our quality of life continues on this downward spiral. Ave a nice day.

      1. Someonewhocares

        Context? Interesting that your remarks seem to relate to someone who has merely posted up a couple of links *actually related to the subject matter* – rather than just repeating the same old tiresome, bitter and unrelated rant each and every time they post! Get a life!

        1. mike mcfadden

          Someonewhocares. or should we call you a Cultural Marxist. You and your elk are the real problem,. Sorry if the truth gets in the way of your warped misguided ideology but the days of name calling by you weirdo’s is coming to an end. I am a firm believer in the truth will out liars and denier eventually. I suggest you get out more their is a lot to life and the future for England that follows it own ways and the return of our culture, sense of humour !! looks very bright indeed. Do you honestly think your tag of “someonewhocares” is believed? Try identifying yourself. Or are you afraid of your own stupid remarks. if not, you should be. Would you like to disprove any of the above based on fact, honesty and logical statements? Sound bites and spiteful comments from SJW should not be accepted!! Have you ever paid your own council tax? That’s something for you to think about. Ave a nice day!!!

          1. Someonewhocares

            Ooops, I touched a nerve? I realise it is probably cathartic for you to repeat your own hackned manifesto each time but the problem is it probably has the opposite effect to the one you intended. It just convinces me that the ‘loony right’ are alive and well, too! Now, do you actually have anything useful to add to the *subject matter*? If not in the meantime I have to go off and feed my problemaceous ELK!

  7. Someonewhocares

    Nice try Gary and some fair points but due to the wonders of the ‘net we can all see what ‘new’ employees have been up to previously, such as trying their hardest NOT to answer perfectly valid questions;:


    1. mike mcfadden

      O.K smarty, I used elk instead of ilk easy error to make. However, you’re still refusing to answer any meaningful questions or if you pay your own council tax? Please no lying as sooner or later you will be identified!! You wouldn’t or couldn’t answer any question last time we met on this board because your knowledge of labour was so poor.
      Further, let me assure you No Communist, Cultural Marxist or English hater will touch a never with me! I’m English and proud of it. Unlike so many misfits that should not even be here freeloading and eroding our quality of life.

      1. Someonewhocares

        My knowledge of labour (ie. Labour) is fine, as is knowing how to spell weirdoes, nerve, deniar, and so on… Hard to see any actual ‘meaningful questions’ between all YOUR hatred and bigotry though, what exactly made you like that? Here’s an idea though, why not deal with the SUBJECT MATTER, as requested 3 times now?

        1. mike mcfadden

          Oh you supercilious weirdo I use liar and deniers all the time to describe you lot. Weirdo’s like you does not have to be spelt weirdoes you may spell it that way. As for nerve never is an easy mistake when rushing around. “Subterfuge” if spelt to your satisfaction is all you have to offer. Only ignorant folk like you with no manners and nothing real to say would even notice.
          The subject matter is loony-labour just as last time and the time before that your knowledge is non excistant of their repressive nature and short comings. All you are is a corrosive spiteful loony that knows very little about anything you’ve obviously been brainwashed by hateful Marxist and other scroungers like of SJW. Face the facts you’re not “someonewhocares” at all you’re a scrounging old biddy with nothing else in your drab life to consul your hate. Try smiling some time you may attract a different person with some knowledge of life or try getting out more.

          1. Someonewhocares

            Oh dear… Google ‘transference’ for details, and then seek professional help!

  8. Concerned Harrovian


    Glad to see you are alive and kicking. I thought you got eaten in the M&Ms advertisement.

  9. mike mcfadden

    Well I got my new bins today and just looked on in amazement. Haven’t we been down this road before with the small green bins? Do the councilors at Harrow honestly believe this is going to cure the mess on our streets? In fact it will only increase the problem in my view.

    Do they really believe that by being the third best refuge collection service this will exonerate them from being a worse run council? It does beggar believe. Don’t you think they could have spent the money more wisely? Are they totally unaware Harrow is falling apart at the seems and chopping and changing bins causing further confusion and upset will not help. Nor are they like “Someone who cares” If you don’t talk about it then it never happens in their weird world.

    Oh well, as a tax-payer in Harrow I hope it works out well But I won’t hold my breath as I fall over black sacks strewn all over the pavement full of grass cuttings and weeds next summer. I don’t want Harrow to be the best recycling London Borough by 2017. I want Harrow to be the best London Borough much sooner.
    Ps: a Question for disappearing Dave, will we be able to sue Harrow council for damages if injured by rubbish on foot paths because of your refusal to listen to TAX-PAYERS.? Remember them Dave, tax-payers the most important people in any area.!! No tax-payers no money to give away on pay rises and bonuses. ha ha ha Ave a nice day.

  10. Someonewhocares

    Good start with the first paragraph,finally on the SUBJECT MATTER, but a shame about the rambling and ranting rest…As for the personal (and incorrect) criticisms “I refer the learned gentleman to the answer I gave a moment ago”!

  11. iharrow.com

    …and on that point, we’ll draw the comments to a close on this article.

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