Jan 29 2013

Harrow Council’s On-Line Payments System Crashes

You’d guess – or, perhaps, you’d just hope – that it couldn’t get any worse for Harrow Council and it’s ongoing IT woes. We’ve given up reporting when things break for the second, third or fourth time, and now we’re only going to mention new stuff which breaks – we wouldn’t have time for anything else if we didn’t!

Today’s outage affects on-line payments and the Council advises that it is currently installing new software. Why it would want to do that in the middle of the working day isn’t clear, but such is the way the Council works, we’d guess.

We’ve no idea how long this will take, although it does use the same software as the on-line missed bin reporting system, which has been out of action since January 9th.


Thanks to the magic of Twitter, here’s a screenshot of the Council’s response to a resident query. Note that there is currently no announcement on the Council’s website – residents, again, are just left in the dark…

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  1. Morepowertothepeople

    Unbelievable Harrow Council you are officially a joke! Why could this not have been done late at night?

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