Apr 17 2013

Harrow Council’s Penalty Charge Notice Payments System Crashes

The Council’s online Penalty Charge Notice payment system has taken the afternoon off again. Interesting, whereas usually, engineers work “to restore it ASAP”, today, it is just “current being worked on.”

No ETA for it’s restoration, so if you wish to challenge a parking ticket – and why wouldn’t you, when you’ve got a 50:50 chance of winning – they’re asking you to email parking.enforcement@harrow.gov.uk instead.


Residents would do well to remember that the Council ceased face-to-face help with Parking tickets on August 1st last year.


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  1. Barry Macleod-Cullinane

    Perhaps our local MP, Gareth Thomas, with his new found interest in IT should be asking why Labour-run Harrow Council’s computer systems – especially for planning, parking payments and missed bin reporting – should be failing so often?

    The rate and scale of failure is all the more surprising given how Labour outsourced the Council’s IT provision to Capita at a reported cost of over £1million more per year than it did to provide it in-house – when it actually worked.

    By contrast, Conservative-run Hillingdon went with Google and are saving over £1million per year..

    That £2million+ difference equates roughly to 2% on Harrow’s Council Tax… so residents are now effectively paying for Labour’s poor choices: higher taxes and worse services. Harrow deserves better!

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