Nov 07 2014

Harrow Council’s Plea for Unpaid Snow Sweepers Scheme Falls Flat

snow_schoolHarrow Council’s well-intentioned, but ludicrous, idea to empower their recently-rebranded Community Champions with snow-clearing shovels doesn’t seem to have won much support. The champions, heartily upset by the “wasteful renaming” of the scheme, don’t appear to have responded in their droves to the council’s request to sign-up for training on how to wield a shovel.

In fact, the response has been so poor to date, that the council was forced to send out a reminder, to encourage the champions to sign up for the training.

“This scheme is a pilot and we are looking for 100 volunteers,” said the council. “We hope the spread of these volunteers will be across the borough but we will allocate training spaces on a first come first served basis.”

Looks like there’s no need to rush, then.

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  1. sonoo malkani

    Isn’t the Council being unrealistic about this!Surely they should simply “retire hurt” and go back to the drawing board.Seems like they are really stuck for practical ideas which might appeal to some champions.More brain-storming!

  2. Doug

    1:create and enforce a bylaw through civil court that states, every household has the responsibility to remove snow from the sidewalk directly outside their property. 2: start a snow angel project with the youth offending team that enables young offendors to remove snow from elderly and disabled sidewalks. 3: we all have a civic responsibility to remove snow. How can you expect the council to do it? Take pride in your environment.

  3. Linda

    I am the only person in my street who clears the snow from outside my property, people should take pride in the environment they live in.

  4. Concerned Harrovian

    I have no objection to clearing the snow on my drive, the pavement outside my property or helping out elderly neighbours but I do not want to be an unpaid worker clearing the snow all over Harrow. Also if I slip over and injure myself I would not want to wait an eternity whilst the Harrow Council insurers decide the merits of my case.

    I agree with Doug it is a job for those on Community Service. As a previous commenter has pointed out the road sweepers can’t sweep snowy roads and they could help with snow clearing.

  5. old harrovian

    once again the council have not mentioned the community service army that grows every week .
    plenty graffiti artists/ shoplifters / / litter bugs / benefit frauders / that could work as a team under supervision. rather than 100 hrs drinking tea in a park

  6. sonoo malkani

    What do you expect those who have health problems and are unable to shovel snow even on their property to do?They might be just as proud of their environment as you are and should be but are simply stuck because of physical disability which often cannot be seen!
    A number of good neighbours in our road are themselves elderly and find it hard to do their own work leave aside clearing the road s for others!Just a function of tme.

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