Apr 30 2014

Harrow Council’s Racism Review – The Terms of Reference

harrow_council_logoAt last – and late, as usual – the Council has provided, under FOI legislation, the Terms of Reference for the Racism Review. We published the report itself earlier here.

It starts off:

A complaint of Institutional Racism has been made about Harrow Council. As a consequence of the Macpherson Report following the Lawrence Inquiry, it can be inferred that all Public Bodies could potentially be found to be Institutionally Racist, not just the Police. It is important to establish the levels, range & extent of Institutional Racism when a complaint is made so as to discharge the Public Sector Equality Duty. The purpose of this exercise is to assess, identify whether Institutional Racism exists and how following an investigation, Harrow Council can be assisted in putting in place remedial measures.

Harrow Council is aware that a number of members of its staff and some elected members, have made allegations of potentially discriminatory behaviour, based upon their race. The Council takes these allegations very seriously and with one of the most diverse communities in the country to serve, it is important that the Council puts in place an appropriate mechanism to review both these complaints and other views that have been expressed. The Council therefore wishes to appoint an independent investigator to review the complaints and other views expressed, to carry out an investigation into the issues raised by these and in particular support a conclusion as to whether or not there is any truth in the allegations made that the Council is “institutionally racist”. In reviewing these issues the Council would like the investigator to ensure that the conclusions are accompanied with recommendations which will help the Council improve in its duties under the Public Sector Equality Duty and support the continued delivery of outcomes for the residents of Harrow.

…and continues for five pages.

You can download the entire document here.

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