Jan 10 2015

Harrow Council’s Secretive £3,000,000 PR Spin Contract

harrow_council_logoThe Council’s cabinet this week will get to hear who has won the £3,000,000 Communications Contract that was out for tender recently. The details are in Part II – that’s the secret, not-for-public-consumption part of the meeting – which will be discussed by the Labour cabinet on Thursday night once the great unwashed public are booted out of the meeting.

The current contract, with Conservative-run Westminster Council expires in March 2015, and following a competitive procurement process, it’s not unlikely that the new contract will go to a Labour-run council in another tit-for-tat move that the current administration is becoming known for.

Five organisations applied for the contract, of which two fell at the initial qualification stage.


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  1. Farah

    Amazing! The council has been going on about budget cuts and here they are handing out £3 million dollars on a communications contract!

    Stop spending frivolously. Closing 4 libraries to save £2 million over 4 years only to blow it away on PR and media. “Vital services” & “tough decisions” indeed!

  2. sonoo malkani

    How can anyone justify such a large amount whilst holding a demostration in the Harrow Town Centre,accusing the TORY government for swinging cuts which the LABOUR HELD Harrow Council is preparing to inflict on tax-payers—–such as FOUR LIBRARIES and an additional BROWN BIN TAX of £75 for each of the families which have gardens.We happen to pay for refuse collection in our Council Rates as it stands and are being penallised unfairly.

    £ 3million would go a long way towards keeping our libraries open as well as having no need to slap on an extra penalty such as the BROWN BIN TAX on residents,from October 2015.Please stop playing games with our hard-earned monies.You blame the government for these cuts when it actually is YOUR OWN FAULT.Please use our monies more prudently.

  3. Sally

    It should be noted that it was actually the Conservative administration which introduced the contract.

  4. sonoo malkani

    The people of Harrow are NOT in the least bit interested in who did what to WHOM—they only want to ensure that THEY are not being cheated of services when large sums of money are being allocated as mentioned in the article above.

    Communications is an important area,no doubt ,but throwing £3 million into that when we are told how hard up Harrow Council is,makes no sense to an ordinary resident like me.Please would someone explain the wisdom behind this and oblige.

  5. Farah

    @sally. Just because the conservatives introduced the contract does not mean the council can go ahead and spend £3m for marketing expense, especially when they claim that cost savings need to be made. To add insult to injury it’s for a PR spin to counter all the bad publicity from taking away services like libraries. I’m no expert but surely if they invested in keeping the services available to public they would not have to waste all that money on marketing. The only people who stand to gain is the communications company…they are laughing their way to the bank!

  6. Panny

    After a year of PR, I am sure that iharrow.com will be using a Freedom of Information Request to determine how the PR budget was spent. Then we’ll really see.

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