Sep 30 2012

Harrow Council’s Top 20 cost £2.2 million per year

A review of the Top 20 earners among Harrow Council’s Officers reveals that they cost the borough in the region of £2,200,000 a year in salaries.

With titles such as “Divisional  Director, Targeted  Services” and “Corporate Director,  Place  Shaping” the full breakdown makes for interesting reading – especially set against the context of the savings that Harrow needs to make over the next few financial years: savings that could end up affecting frontline services.

The table below shows the Top 20 earners, or you can download the full details, supplied by Harrow Council for 2011/12 here.

Post Salary Other Income Expenses
Chief  Executive £187,405 £1,239
Corporate Director,  Community and Environment £141,795 £1,239 £315
Corporate Director,  Place  Shaping £141,795 £8
Corporate Director,  Community Health and Wellbeing £141,795 £1,239 £25
Corporate Director,  Children  and  Families Services £137,667 £26
Assistant  Chief  Executive £122,403 £1,239 £209
Director  of  Legal  and Governance   Services £114,468 £16,626 £128
Director,  Business Transformation and Customer Services £114,468 £3,267 £202
Divisional  Director,  Adult  Social  Care £114,468
Divisional  Director,  Environmental Services £114,468
Divisional  Director,  Human Resources  and £92,892
Divisional  Director,  Finance  and  Procurement £92,892
Divisional  Director,  Planning  Services £92,892 £577
Divisional  Director,  Community and  Cultural Services £92,892 £7,107
Divisional  Director,  Special  Needs Services £92,892 £1,239 £860
Divisional  Director, Targeted  Services £92,892 £8,347
Divisional  Director,  Partnership  Development  and £85,080
Divisional  Director  of  Collections  and  Housing £85,080
Divisional  Director,  Risk,  Audit  and  Fraud £85,080
Head of  Service,  Business  Management £69,894 £8,133 £938

Above, “other income” can include a car user allowance of £1239 per year, additional payment for roles such as ‘returning officer”, a “market supplement”  or honorariums – the full document available above will detail these.

All these posts include a pension scheme where individuals contribute 7.5% of their salary to the pension scheme, and the Council contributes 19.1% to the pension fund – worth another £35,000 to the top earner.

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