Apr 18 2014

Harrow Council’s Top Contracts

pound_coinsAccording to information published by the London Contracts Register, Harrow Council has some contracts of significant size with some of it’s suppliers. Looking at the top five, for example, shows an annual commitment of almost £40,000,000. So where is your money going? The top four, in annualised commitment are:

  1. Agency Staff – £12,500,000 per year for four years. Total value £50,000,000.
    The Pertemps Group of Companies has a four year deal with Harrow for agency staff: there’s no breakdown, but the category it is listed under says “Administrative and Clerical” and “Professional”
  2. IT – £11,895,000 per year for fifteen years. Total  value £118,950,000.
    Capita have landed up with a whole bunch of business, covering software, telecommunications, disaster recovery, maintenance, applications, project management and more. Their contract runs until 2020.
  3. Road repairs and maintenance – £8,000,000 per year for five years. Total value £40,000,000.
    Not a lot to say about this: it’s the bread-and-butter of what residents expect the council to do – fix holes in roads. One for May Gurney.
  4. Vehicle Hire – £4,500,000 per year for seven years. Total value £31,500,000.
    All those nice purple vans, roadsweepers and trucks we see? Yup. Fraikin landed this one.

There’s some interesting ones as well:

Mobility Aids costs just over £1,000,000 per year. Arboricultural (tree cutting to you and me) costs another £400,000 per year. There a quarter of a million on PPE (footwear, hi-vis jackets and the like), and a four-year deal for IT Consultancy costing £150,000 per year across 12 companies you won’t have heard of. The chair of the Local Safeguarding Children Board, Deborah Lightfoot, takes home £50,000 a year for two days a week work (which works out to £480/day or £125,000 a year if multiplied up).

Printing Blue Badges costs £15,000 a year (yes, seriously: printing). There’s nearly £8,500,000 over ten years going to Sports and Leisure Management for the management of Harrow’s leisure services – Harrow Leisure Centre, Bannister Stadium and Hatch End Swimming Pool.

Amusingly, some of the contract values are redacted, but the council then includes them in the ‘description’ field. You can download the CSV spreadsheet here (we’ve got a copy, in case Harrow take out all the interesting bits…)

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  1. Harrow Dude

    One would presume that the £50,000,000 for agency staff, “Administrative and Clerical” and “Professional” does not include the abundant amount of agency staff Susie hired to achieve her huge pre-election clean up.

    What is the total so far Susie?

  2. iharrow.com

    I presumed the same, although I did wonder…

    1. Harrow Dude

      Touche iharrow but here is no need to wonder..” just ask”. Those that have nothing to hide will not hide. In denial there is truth..

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