Dec 27 2014

Harrow Council’s Top Tips on Snow Clearance

Harrow Council has issued its top tips to residents for clearing snow and ice in the event of freezing winter weather.

The borough’s gritting lorries have already been out on the roads this week as the Council put its winter plan into operation.

During snow and freezing weather the Council’s priority is to ensure that the primary routes (ie main traffic and bus routes) are kept free of snow and ice. The Council has this year increased the number of roads in its primary gritting routes, particularly those serving schools to help them stay open.

Harrow’s salt barn at its central depot is full and the Council is confident that its stock is sufficient for almost anything the winter could bring. When it snows the Council will also grit footways in areas heavily used by pedestrians, such as town centres and train and bus stations. However, in times of very severe weather the Council welcomes residents’ help and has issued its top five tips on clearing snow and ice around your home:

  • Prevent slips – contrary to popular belief, there is no law preventing residents from clearing snow and ice outside their home or in public places but it is important to do it safely. Pay extra attention to steps and steep pathways.
  • Clear snow or ice early – It’s easier to move fresh snow rather than snow packed hard by people walking on it. Remove the top layer in the morning so sunshine will help melt ice, then sparingly spread the path with salt to stop it refreezing.
  • Use salt or sand, not water – Do not use hot water to melt snow as it may form slippery black ice. Use table or dishwasher salt – a tablespoon for each square metre. Don’t use salt found in salting bins as this is needed to keep roads clear.
  • Take care where you move the snow – when shovelling snow, consider where you put it so it does not block other people’s paths or drains.
  • Check your neighbours– especially if they are elderly or disabled, and make sure they are warm and well-stocked up with food and other essentials. Offer to clear their pathways too.

Source: Harrow Council

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