Jun 04 2016

Harrow Council’s Traffic Management Orders: from bad to worse

harrow_council_broken_2Harrow Council is still struggling with Traffic Orders – these are formal pieces of legislation normally relating to road closures, such as roadworks. As we mentioned last week, the council had a few problems with getting a traffic order correct; unfortunately, nothing has improved since then.

Today’s review of the council’s website shows a traffic order for Wood End Avenue, apparently dated May 19th, yet published on June 3rd, which is pretty much the day after all the roadworks had completed, and the workmen had packed up and gone home. It’s also worth mentioning that the title of the order refers to “Temporary No Waiting and Loading Restrictions” yet the body of the order refers to a prohibition on entering or exiting the road. We’ve highlighted all these in red boxes.

20160604_traffic_ordersMeanwhile, the Service Manager responsible for this at the council, hasn’t yet replied to our inquiries about last week’s mess.


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  1. mike mcfadden

    I would imagine this is the result of negotiating 14 different languages before you get down and do anything!!! Harrow, time to get use to using ENGLISH only in ENGLAND. Innit Mate!!

  2. Someonewhocares

    Yes the Council have a legal responsibility to publish/display such Traffic Orders in a timely fashion; I wonder if this tardiness was reported they would be fined? The Council would not hesitate to fine any Residents if we were late with anything now would they? Wonder how much these useless orders cost (us) too? Ah yes, now I remember the rules: They can get things wrong but we can’t (without penalties); *We* are answerable to *them* but they can ignore *us* whenever they feel like it; Laughable.

  3. Concerned Harrovian

    i think Harrow Council have taken the words spoken by John Wayne as their motto – “Never apologise and never explain–it’s a sign of weakness”

    They should be reported to Brent and Harrow trading services for falsely claiming to provide a service.

  4. Someonewhoknowswhattheyreonabout

    If any of you would actually stop to think for a second, you will see that this is just a typo. Everybody is human and makes mistakes, be that council officers or you internet trolls who just jump on anything that the Council do wrong. I for one would like to see you try and do the same work which they do every day, bearing in mind that they have had around 60% of their budget cut in recent weeks.
    Imagine if the Jobseeker’s Allowance which you all probably live on gets cut to just 40% of the rate you receive now, how difficult would that be for you to live your lives in the same way? Inevitably there are going to be mistakes made.
    The people at fault here are not the underpaid, overworked council workers, they are central government who aren’t giving our local authorities the money needed to run a Borough.

    1. Someonewhocares

      Hilarious – I must try that “I’m only human/made a mistake” approach when next faced with one of the Council’s punitive (stealth) revenue-raising penalties then! And don’t presume to know anything about us either: Many of *us* work hard too and really don’t like to see the increasingly-inept excuses made ‘on behalf of the Council’ either; And we ALL understand what a “60% cut” means in real terms without your patronising examples: What we don’t understand however is how the ‘wise sages’ at the Council did not better pre-empt these cuts and so lobby the DLCG *earlier* – not just indulge in the latest “£159” campaign nonsense. Perhaps it has been all the no-going in-house bickering that has caused this situation too but, sorry, Yes it really is *the Councils’* fault -not *ours*!! By all means feel free to try to convince “us (mere) Residents” otherwise – but don’t expect much sympathy; And here’s a challenge for you; Tell us (say) three things the Council have actually ‘done right” We’re listening!

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