Nov 22 2012

Harrow Council’s Website – crashed again

With inopportune timing, what with the Council’s Cabinet Meeting tonight, the part of the Council’s website which handles all the documents that residents can download (agendas, report, minutes, etc, etc) has taken the day off.

This is just the latest in a long series of Council IT failures. With websites crashing, phone systems not working, email systems dead, and more than half the public-user computers in Harrow’s libraries not working, residents have got to be wondering if this Council will ever fix it’s IT problems.

We’ve written on this very subject before – online parking payments system brokethe planning portal was out of action for a week (with a further weekend off here), the broken email system, and the dead phone system – even we were amazed when the Council’s website crashed with an (unsurprisingly!) unhelpful error.

With the Council intent on moving more and more services onto it’s website, it needs to make someone accountable for it’s IT services, and get them fixed. Once and for all. All IT has problems from time to time, but this really is getting way beyond unacceptable. No cost-cutting of front-line services? Pah!

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