Mar 02 2013

Harrow Council’s Website – IT Problems Continue

It’s been a few weeks since we posted any of these articles, where we highlight the ongoing failures of Harrow Council to keep its website up and operational – to be honest, IT problems at the council are becoming so common, that they’re no longer news. However, with the recently announced plans to shift more services online, and to avoid face-to-face contact with residents, it was pertinent to note this one.

Harrow Council publishes dates of the public meetings it holds, primarily so that residents can attend and see democracy in action (or, in more recent cases, councillors either reading the paper or taking a brief nap). The website which shows these meetings has crashed today – perhaps, like Cllr Krishna James, it had simply had enough and decided to go and have a brief snooze.

council_meetings_crashedWe’ve badgered the council on numerous occasions, and laboured this very point to them, all to no avail. Perhaps, as the ‘listening council’ is no longer listening, it’s time to start shouting louder?

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  1. Sean Forster on Facebook

    Looks like it should have had some more testing before being released.

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