Oct 03 2015

Harrow Deals – More Advertising on the Council’s Website

harrow_council_logoHarrow Deals is a project designed to stimulate economic growth within Harrow by giving local business owners a platform to showcase their goods and services. Deals will be promoted on the Harrow council website which receives over 180,000 unique visitors per month. Harrow residents will be able to redeem the exclusive discounts, goods and services on offer through their MyHarrow account.

Harrow Deals will operate on a two-tier approach;

  • Companies will submit details for an individual offer. They will then promote this on their website to over 180,000 unique monthly visitors and send direct mails to 80,000 MyHarrow account customers.
  • Residents will redeem offers via their MyHarrow Account and a voucher will then be sent to them. The voucher can be printed or displayed on their phone to show and redeem in-store.

Harrow Council, in partnership with local businesses, will trial an exclusive offer to Harrow Residents. Whilst establishing the financial viability, the Harrow Deals trial would be free.

Following completion of the offer the council will provide businesses with statistics on the redemptions including geographical information on where the business has been generated from across the borough.

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