Aug 19 2012

Harrow Explains ‘Untidy’ Grass Areas in Borough

If you are waiting for your grass verge or a green space to be cut, then please be patient as this summer’s wet weather means there are some delays.

We are very proud that Harrow is one of the greenest boroughs in London and we take great care of all our green spaces and national award-winning parks. We make every effort to ensure residents’ grass verges and green spaces are cut every three weeks.

However, in recent weeks this has not always been possible, as heavy rainfall since April has meant we have not always been able to keep to our busy grass cutting schedule. The grass has been too soft and conditions too wet.

Trying to cut the grass in these conditions would result in extensive ground damage and, potentially, the need for vehicle recovery.

As the weather has improved, we have still had to wait for sites to dry out, but the recent warm weather, along with the rain, has led to rapid growth in many of the grassy areas. As ground conditions have dried out, we have prioritised the worst affected areas to bring them back to standard. Our cycle is currently taking approximately five weeks to complete. This will be a temporary arrangement and we should be back on our normal cutting schedule shortly.

As we return to the usual schedule, it is worth noting that grass will grow at different rates in different locations and some areas may look untidy before their next scheduled cut. This is not unusual and is to be expected in peak growing conditions.

John Edwards, Harrow Council’s Divisional Director for Environment Services, said: “We know that the presentation of our streets and communities is very important to our residents. Unfortunately, the weather is out of our control, but I’d like to reassure everybody that this is something that the council is working hard to sort out, and our grassy areas will be clean and tidy once again as soon as possible.”

Source: Harrow Council

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