Jul 31 2012

Harrow finally receives additional £5.7m school funding

Back in April, we published an article about how Harrow had missed out on some school funding due, perhaps, possibly and maybe, by Harrow Council’s inability to get the form filled in correctly. We say all that, because we’ve not managed to get to the bottom of why all the other London councils managed it okay, but Harrow couldn’t.

Those sums weren’t small: Brent landed up with a pot of cash worth £30million.  Our neighbours in Ealing and Hillingdon got around £9m and £6m respectively.

So, what happened next? Well, it all went quiet for three months, and then we receive an update from Harrow’s Conservative group – that’s right, not a word from Harrow Council – to say that some additional money has been found by the Government, and that Harrow has now been awarded some £5.7m. Not a huge amount, perhaps – that amount of money would perhaps pay for a new two-form-entry Junior school to be built – but it’s better than the nothing that was expected.


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