Mar 04 2014

Harrow ILG Battle and Win £1m for Residents in Budget.

ilg_rosePress Release from the Harrow Independent Labour Group:

Skilful negotiations by Independent Labour Group and their alternative Budget proposals led to the Conservative Administration being forced to put in over £1 million extra money to support Harrow’s vulnerable people and key priorities.

While the Labour Leader was busy having pizza with his Group, the Conservative Leader Cllr Susan Hall and the Independent Labour Group Leader Cllr Thaya Idaikkadar battled through their political differences to work together to put the residents of Harrow First – failure to reach agreement would have cost £100,000 a week to Harrow Tax Payers.

The money that Independent Labour Group successfully fought for is broken down as follows:

Supporting Local Residents & Businesses
Free 20 Minutes Parking in Harrow  £300,000
Putting Residents First
Keeping Under One Sky, celebrating with the 60th anniversary theme £10,000
Helping the Most Vulnerable
Mental health wellbeing centre              £50,000
Providing mental health help & support and challenging stigma £50,000
Investing in Adult Services                           
Empowering low skilled people, especially women, to gain skills that will enable them to participate in broader society £50,000
Dementia support group at Kenmore Resources Centre £50,000
Project to raise BAME community awareness of adoption and fostering £50,000
Improving Carers Champion project £30,000
Investment in Children’s Services
Investment in Services for Mental Health for Children £300,000
Improving the Environment / Making Harrow Safer & Cleaner
Improving sports facilities, pitches and pavilions £50,000
On-the-spot fines for spitting, graffiti, littering and anti-social behaviour £50,000
Helping Residents, Businesses and Voluntary Sector
3 additional rubbish dumping points – skips £60,000
Grand Total  £1,050,000

Councillor Thaya Idaikkadar said: “Labour Party has played party politics rather than putting the people of Harrow First by voting against helping the most vulnerable – including support for children with special needs, carers and people with mental health issues and dementia – and making improvements to the daily lives of people of Harrow.”

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  1. Jerry Miles

    Is this a press release or an article written by you Paul? I really hope it’s the former. I think we should be told!

  2. iharrow.com

    Good point – it was a press release. I’ve added a line in at the top now as normal (shabby of me to forget, I know).

  3. John Clement

    Well I agree with all of these things, but in the current climate money spent on one worthy cause tends to mean money taken off another. There is still far too much waste, and councillors spend far to much on themselves & developers do far too well out of the system.That is where all the money goes.

  4. King David

    What else should we be told Cllr Jerry. Careful what you wish for….

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