Oct 01 2013

Harrow ILG: Harrow Labour Group’s “Hypocrisy” in Joining Cabinet

ilg_roseHarrow’s Independent Labour Group is surprised about the Labour Leader’s decision to join the Tory Cabinet, headed by Cllr Susan Hall. It was only a few weeks ago that he bitterly criticised such a move and voted against the Special Responsibility Allowance (SRA) associated with the non Executive Cabinet posts yet he seem to now have accepted this by agreeing to join the Tory Cabinet – a Cabinet, which Labour’s grass roots Members and Leader of the Labour Group say has no mandate.

Cllr Thaya Idaikkadar, Leader of the Independent Labour Group said: “We brought in this innovative idea under my leadership and Cllr Perry refused to join us. Will Cllr David Perry now accept that Special Responsibility Allowance (SRA) that he voted against in the Council Chamber, and sit with Tories at the Cabinet? Is it not double standards and hypocrisy?.”

Record of what Cllr David Perry said in the local press about this matter:

“It is clear that the Conservative leadership have attempted to seem selfless, but in reality they have teamed up with the Independent Group only for a pay day.” He said: “To accept (the offer to become Non-Executive Cabinet Member with Tories and Independent Labour) would give this new coalition administration legitimacy. The people of Harrow elected a Labour administration and now they have an Independent and Conservative run council. This is against the wishes of the people of Harrow.” – 4 July, Harrow Observer

“Is it not surprising that the Tory-Independent Coalition found enough time to revise the Members’ Special Responsibility Allowances Scheme to reward just more than £13k to the so called non-voting non-executive Tory councillors, Hall and Macloed-Cullinane.” 3rd July 2013, Harrow Times.

“We find it incredible that one minute Susan Hall and the Tories are supporting a coalition with the Independent [Labour] Group, the next minute they are getting huge pay rises paid for by the tax payers (Labour Group Leader, David Perry, voted against the Special Responsibility Allowance associated with the Non-Executive Cabinet position)” – 4 September Harrow Times

Cllr Thaya Idaikkadar said: “It is inexplicable that the Deputy Leader of the Labour Group, Cllr Margaret Davine, has not been nominated by Cllr David Perry to sit alongside him on Tory Cabinet as Labour non-Executive Member.”

He continued: “We believe in the best talent to serve our residents. With her enormous experience as Portfolio Holder under various administrations and in opposition, her immense knowledge in Public Health/Health and Wellbeing – one of the biggest policy areas for Harrow Council affecting our residents – and in Adults and Social care, would have been of tremendous help and provided much needed scrutiny for Tory policies at the highest level in Harrow. Of course it is for Cllr Perry to decide but the Independent Labour Group strongly believes that Margaret enjoys rare cross-party respect and would have been an ideal first choice.”

The Harrow Labour Group have not yet responded to a request to comment, nor have they confirmed if their non-executive members will be claiming any allowance for doing do.

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