Mar 21 2014

Harrow ILG Say Racisim Investigation is a “whitewash”

ilg_roseOpen letter from the Harrow Independent Labour Group:

Dear Editor

The Independent Labour Group agrees with Dal Babu OBE that Cllr Susan Hall has taken a brave step in establishing the enquiry – unfortunately the current appointment will be neither independent nor professional so it lacks credibility.

Just as you would not let a brilliant GP perform brain surgery, a Borough Commander does not necessarily have the skills and expertise to carry out a sensitive forensic investigation into Institutional Racism at the Council. We need to remember that until recently Dal Babu OBE was employed by an organisation which has been described as being Institutionally Racist and recent revelations point to a culture of cover-up and destroying evidence.

Harrow’s former Borough Commander Richard Walton, who was well respected for his work in Harrow, has been moved out of his Scotland Yard job after being caught up in the Stephen Lawrence spying scandal.

Under these circumstances, it does not make sense to appoint somebody from a discredited organisation to head such an important and sensitive investigation


Footnote: The ILG has provided a copy of a letter with further details of it’s objections, here.

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  1. terry

    should be “alleged” racism. call

  2. Harrow Cynic


    Careful Mr Editor. Your headline covering this story could be construed as “institutionally racist”…….

  3. King David

    Just read the details and process as well as Council Press Release. Council seem to have got itself in knots here. Should be careful clear and transparent

  4. Susan Hall

    The Council will be clear and transparent. I promised an investigation therefore there will be one before the election.

  5. Timeforchange

    Clearly these allegations need to be looked into although I’ve never known quite what is supposed to have happened/been said. If an enquiry isn’t held this will always rumble on and on and on. Personally I don’t think that the public should have to foot the bill, nothing to do with us and I would rather my money be spent on other things.

    That said I think Dal Babu seems an inspired choice but let’s face it whoever was chosen wouldn’t be right for the ILG!

    Who would the ILG have liked to lead the enquiry?

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